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Gender at Work India Trust is registered as a non-profit organization in India.

We have a long history of capacity building of civil society organizations and supporting government authorities to incorporate a stronger gender perspective in their plans and programmes. We are currently undertaking the following projects:

1) Capacity Building of Women's NGOs: G@W's study has found that women led rural NGOs are often under-resourced and have no access to leadership and other capacity building initiatives. Our efforts are, therefore, to build a network of young NGO leaders, mostly women, who lead small grassroots organizations in rural and semi-urban areas. These NGO leaders work on the issue of gender equality, in particular on initiatives to address violence against women.  G@W conducts leadership and strategic planning workshops and offers a space for collective reflection, coaching and mentoring. The objectives of the project are to

(i) develop a learning community for advancing gender equality

ii)  increase the capacity of young NGO leaders to think strategically and understand organizational development needs

iii) build a collaborative approach to strengthen programs that empower women, particularly around keeping women safe from violence

iv) develop strategies to work with diverse organizations and individuals (doctors, police, other professionals) for campaigns on violence against women and children.

2) We also support capacity building of organizations to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  We work with a range of organizations to help them understand and address unequal power relations that contribute to discriminatory practices, especially sexual harassment in the workplace. Our work includes facilitated workshops, leadership courses, gender sensitization trainings, audits and scorecards for organizations to track and support to implementation of organization wide policies that promote gender equality.

3) We are currently launching a project to create awareness on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, the project is called: Tip the Scale.